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Godwin Pictures DEC23 Update

Throughout 2023, Godwin Pictures has been developing a new initiative called The FACTORi Inc. an end-to-end studio, reforming independent entertainment by creating avenues for qualified private equity investors to enter and succeed within the entertainment industry.

Traditionally private money has been kept out of Hollywood - unless for the purpose of exploiting it! This has kept the playing field small and heavily controlled by a few very large global studios. These studios have done nothing but utilize this power to eradicate biblical values within our now global culture. We believe we have everything we need to change all that.

Many conclude that Christians just don't have the same calebre of talent that their secular counterparts have. I don't believe this to be true.

Even before I arrived in Hollywood eight years ago, I could see that finding the artistic talent was not the issue. Christian artists have as much talent as anyone I've ever worked with in the industry. The only difference being that most of them have very little inroads into the industry because they don't fit the ideological mold. And if they do make it inside, they are forced to stay silent and keep their opposing views to themselves.

On the inside of the Hollywood studio system, I've watched secular talent of no greater calibre than Christian artists, resourced to succeed with clear pathways and industry mentors at their disposal. People in positions of power simply develop the artists they identify with.

Ben Shapiro talks all about this at length in his book Primetime Propaganda.

Over my 23 year career, I've experienced what Ben experienced numerous times. The reality is, if you don't fit the ideological mold, you don't get the gig. Hollywood studios are setup to flush opposing world views out of their infrastructure.

This makes total sense. The bible tells us that two opposing powers exist. This is the foundation of our Christian world view. And Jesus said clearly that these opposing powers cannot co-exist. One Kingdom will always hold power over the other. So why do we expect to exercise influence within a system controlled by the enemy that is setup for our defeat? This is simply ridiculous!

We need to rethink what we are doing. We need to build entities that we own and control. This is the vision behind The FACTORi Inc.

We believe that if we can combine adequate resoure with our industry knowhow, we would be able to create products that are not beholden to the opposing kingdom. Of course, this is easier said than done. In the land of giants, we are competing with entities that have 10 and 20 billion dollar annual budgets. And where does this money come from? It comes from Wall St and the global bankers.

So we had to find an alternative source of resource. But where is there resource on a level that could compete with the global banks? Our answer was 'qualified private equity'. We decided to go to the people - those outside the system - those who not only have the resource but the same world view we do. Those the globalist cannot control.

This is not an original idea, or course. Anyone who has worked in the independent system knows that there are significant issues surrounding private equity. So we began to look at ways to solve these issues in order to make the private equity sector a viable resource.

The FACTORi Inc. Team.

We started with our structure and assembled a conglomeration of 2 production companies, 1 finance firm, a software development firm, and a distribution and foreign sales company. Then we addressed our business model and built a transparent and equitable model unlike any other out there. Each of the managing partners and affiliated companies are utilizing over 20 years of experience in their respective businesses to identify the common barriers and risks keeping independent productions, their investors and business units, from becoming major contenders in the entertainment landscape.

We believe we are at the beginning of establishing something extremely viable. There is so much more to share, but I will keep it for coming posts. This is truly KINGDOM business and what I am applying every resource the LORD gives me to build.

I ask you to partner with us by sharing this with anyone you think may be interested. They can sign up here and receive this email or reach out to us for further information. We need your help to grow our support base.

Thank you for your ongoing support!! Till next time.



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