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GEM DEC23 Update

On December 4th, Hollywood 4 Freedom held its 3rd annual Christmas Fundraiser event.

This was a dinner hosted in Santa Monica with entertainment and live music from four local artists. We gathered and encouraged the community of Hollywood professionals; many of whom are not Christian, or even conservative, but 'woke up' through the pandemic and Trump era politics and realized their freedom was under threat. Many were isolated through that time and we became a place where they were accepted and free to think for themselves.

Hollywood 4 Freedom have a huge vision to be an industry body that advocates for the freedom and well-being of entertainment professionals.

Our first step has been to build the community. Next we want to provide advocacy for those who have been mistreated. Then we want to be a leader in setting industry conventions: from how employers treat their workers, to the quality and morality of content companies are making. Hollywood 4 Freedom are going to be a benchmark and a standard that will be the foundation of a thriving and fruitful industry.



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