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Godwin Pictures LLC are working hard to pioneer new innovative content. The traditional barriers that kept this kind of content out of the marketplace have come down and we are the forerunners in a new frontier.

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Almost Canceled Sitcom

An 8-episode scripted television series that champions conservative values while blasting woke ideology! In the same vain as 'Silicon Valley', 'Always Sunny In Philadelphia' and 'Wayne's World', we follow Ross’ rag tag television crew. Hilarious, intelligent, anti-woke political satire… Ross is threatened daily with being canceled by the Big Tech cancel culture police! 

Set in the Think Tank studio (Ross' garage), Ross and his off-beat crew of conservative influencers cut against the grain of popular opinion while every media giant and left-wing pundit conspires to see them... CANCELED!

Follow Ross on Instagram: @Rossduhboss_

Work: Features

Scott Presler's American Persistence

A reality docu series about Scott Presler’s mission to save America.

From airport to airport, city to city, and door to door Scott connects and loves the American people; fighting for conservative values, and inspiring generations. 

We will meet the hard-working American citizens who interact with Scott every day. We will take a peek into the lives of these red-blooded Americans to see the issues they care about most. This is a show for the people, and about the people, who are marching with Scott in The American Persistence.

Follow Scott on Instagram: @ScottPresler

Work: Features
Truth Has No Grey: Episodic Drama Series
The Principality TV Series Concept
Karen (working title); Episodic Drama Series
Refuge from Kabul
A Wise Man? TV Movie
Work: Showreel