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"Discover the Untold Story of Restoration Mountain: OFFICIAL TRAILER Released!"

This is a promising trailer for the episodic reality series in development at Hollywood Impact Studios.

There is a crowdfunding campaign underway at Give Send Go for the pilot episode (which is a proof-of-concept episode that distributors commonly request).

You can contribute to their campaign here.

This is a series of 13 one-hour episodes that is projected to costs in range is $300K- $400K per episode and is ready to shoot immediately.

For information on investing in this show send us a message through our contact page.

In addition to strong ROI projections Hollywood Impact Studios will devote all their proceeds to funding the non-profit program for formerly incarcerated men. See our article "Godwin Pictures: Partnering with Hollywood Impact Studios for the Unscripted Episodic Show 'Restoration Mountain'" for more details.

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