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The Culture Wars: do biblical values have a place in mainstream culture?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We are in the middle of a war on the global culture. An insidious, underhanded Marxist attack on hearts and minds. This is nothing new - it has spanned decades.

Sex sells; holiness doesn't. Right? And faith-based content stinks?

Well, I want to propose to you that the true reason biblical values drifted from the mainstream is due to a deliberate and insidious assault by Marxist ideology - not audience preference OR the talent of faith-based or conservative artists. In fact, Godwin Pictures LLC is actively working with networks to make morality and values the centerpiece of their programming lineup because we know that there is a huge underserved market world-wide who are waiting for content the whole family.

Millions of families have switched off the television or have become extremely selective about what they allow into their living rooms - and for good reason. Yet Hollywood continue to rehash what pagan, God-hating, networks have fed us for decades - as if it’s a prized standard of excellent storytelling - even though ratings are nothing compared to what they used to be.

Hollywood will claim that it's because of a fragmented marketplace - social media, the introduction of gaming, and other forms of entertainment. But don't believe the lie!

Truth is they are losing their grip, and Godwin Pictures LLC believe the dwindling audiences are a symptom of something else. That's why we are encouraging networks to develop a clear mandate for content that has a different moral undertone and meets the demands of the massive underserved conservative marketplace. We believe it will be a bonanza for those who do.

We believe that for any new network this strategy will be central to their success.

They say that we've been in a golden age of television. True, we have seen some great advancements in the screen arts - some truly amazing storytelling - but I think this has also been propelled by technological advancements of the digital age. Apart from some shining lights, rehash after rehash has been the order of the day, and there has been a constant rebellion against values - the rise of darkness and depravity; and a constant assault through shock tactics and eye candy - and it is starting to wear thin on audiences.

I thought I was being overly sensitive, until I started to realize how many other people there are out there that feel just like me. I'm actually now surprised by how much television is NOT being watched - even by liberals. When I worked on a production at FOX, I was fascinated hearing producers commenting on what they CAN'T watch because the content was 'too dark'. You don't have to be Christian to have some moral standards (though the Bible is the source of our western value system) or to want to feel better about the world after watching something - that's universal. But all too often viewers are choosing NOT to watch because they know they will end up feeling worse than when they pressed 'PLAY'. Isn't life hard enough?

The reason I believe the state of entertainment is this way is because of the communist tactic - designed to infiltrate the west - used the Left (or the useful idiots, as they put it) to keep artists of faith silent. The success of their mission caused the church to drift from the mainstream decades ago and the artists went with it.

The effects on culture for not having biblical faith and values in the mainstream have been devastating. Judeo Christian values are the foundation of our laws yet the biblical basis for our laws are found nowhere in any of the spheres of influence. The spheres of education, government, entertainment, and media have spent decades attempting to annihilate any semblance of biblical truth from our culture, with much success. Even the most fundamental concept of 'good and evil' is lost on much of our culture who have little idea its origins lie in biblical texts. For many, 'good' depends on how you feel, yet feelings change, so who gets to say what is good? In the 'me' culture we presently find ourselves in, obviously the answer is...'me'.

This of course leads only to group-think, and mass confusion. It's Marxist indoctrination; and it has made huge inroads into our culture.

If you project darkness and depravity for long enough to the culture at large, those seeds will germinate. Depravity will have babies, which will be things like: misery, violence, unhappiness, discontentment - to name just a few. But while these things have taken hold of much of the culture, I believe its been through an insidious creep more than conscious decision. Like a personal odor you are not aware has infiltrated your home; it is not always obvious and hard to detect. A great section of our society are not consciously complicate and for this reason I believe large parts of the market would prefer to watch content that is NOT morally degenerative.

The truth is, that biblical values are as fundamental to existence as the law of gravity - that's because the were created by the same author. Yet the atheists - or worse, Freemason's and Communists - in high places who are making decisions about what gets made for public consumption don't want you to know it. They are not serving even a profit driven agenda but an evil ideological one.

Yet, with decades of relentless indoctrination, the masses still yearn for change. That's because truth will ultimately always win out. God-wins. He has to!

Godwin Pictures LLC recently did a small crowd funding campaign to raise some development funds for a new sitcom we are developing called Almost Cancelled starring @Rossduhboss_ and @siakamassaquoi. You can read the comments from donors for yourself here - people have truly had enough of what Hollywood have been producing. They want change - and we plan to bring it to them.

People are yearning for entertainment to point to something greater; something to aspire to; something to uplift them; something that shows them the best life has to offer; not the worst, the ugliest, and most depraved like we're being dished up.

One indicator is the fact that ratings across the board are at all time lows. Once upon a time, a successful show would hit the tens of millions, now anything over a million is a success. As mentioned, this could be due to the expansive plethora of entertainment options out there, but also could be like it is for me; simply due to the fact that people have switched off for the sake of a positive atmosphere in their home.

Is Christian faith-based art the answer? No! At least, not as it currently stands. I will be sharing about this in coming posts - The real reason Christianity drifted from the mainstream. Currently, there is a cringe-factor to these low-budget productions. They are filled with overt Christian symbolism and dogma, contrived salvation scenes, predictable story-lines, and often terrible casting. These may be budgetary issues, but there is a bigger issue at hand. Those productions are the work of the Church who have been trying to get involved in the arena of arts and entertainment to make up for decades of boycotts. These productions are made outside of industry best practice, and without the proper industry artistry or supports to ensure success. They are contrived because they are essentially made by Pastors trying to put their sermons into a scripted format. This is not the answer to this problem.

Faith-based productions are not bad because Christian artists are bad at what they do. I believe the best artists can only be the ones who truly know and are connected to the greatest Artist. That has to be true if God is real. So what's the problem then?

The problem is, that faith artists have been unjustly silenced and starved of development opportunities. They have been robbed of the development that would enable any artist to mature in their art-form. The reality for an artist who wants to develop content that reflects their belief in God, is that there is no supportive industry that values and rewards that kind of work. The secular industry doesn't reward them but pushes them to either hide their beliefs, or preferably walk away from them all together - which I've seen happen numerous times. The faith industry, on the other hand, simply does not honor artists, period. It honors Pastors, and those who provide finance through business, but has little to give the artist. As a result, artists are kept poor, given no equity for their work, and denied power and influence. I know that sounds harsh, but it's true. I don't bring it up to condemn, I bring it up to encourage change. For this reason, we see few mature artists of faith in places of influence in the mainstream culture. Mature artists are not nurtured to maturity with their faith in tact, and hence, are not retained to lead, mentor, and open doors for the next generation. That's why faith-based productions are bad.

People will try and say there isn't a market for faith-based entertainment, but I don't believe this is true. Everyone knows that even the cringe-y productions are making money; that's how desperate the market is for it! The fact is, there are tens of millions of viewers who are tuning out for the exact reasons I've outlined; if you cater to the huge underserved conservative marketplace waiting to watch something they believe in, you watch them come back in a big way!

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Feb 10, 2021

Some of my favorite films have been Christian based: ‘I can only imagine’, ‘God’s not dead’, ‘ Soul Surfer’, ‘A walk to remember’ just to name a few. Not to mention growing up watching ‘7th heaven’ and Veggie Tales’ being the best tool I used when I taught Mother’s Day out at a church in Oklahoma. I have my beliefs, yes I still believe in God and I also believe the devil is not all bad (if he was then why did got not completely rid us of him? He was God’s best friend and God had faith that he could get his act together and come back one day. I feel that he tries but then others get i…

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