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"Tim is a pioneer in every sense of the word. He has great foresight, is committed to providing excellence in TV and video production and looks for new ways to convey the heart of a story or message."

Sandra Cavallo - Producer

"Tim's value for excellence is second to none. He lives and breathes his passion for creating works that will bring social change and revolution. Tim is never one to fear or shy away from a challenge no matter what the size. During my time working with and under Tim I have always come away with something new and exciting to chew on."

Tim Smith - Editor

"Tim is an incredibly talented Director & Producer. His work is always ahead of the game and he is able to see every project through to completion with excellence. I never hesitate in my decision to work with Tim in any creative project."

Ben Whimpey - Producer

"I had the very great pleasure of working alongside Tim Glover for a number of years at Bayside Church, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia. Measure twice-cut once and always look for the unique angle are accurate ways to describe Tim's mindset. His desire through the camera is to offer something better something different and something special, you cannot look at Tim's work without being transported to the destination of his choice. I often was left to be a follower, fortunate to be there at the end not having the vision he has to understand the path we were on."

Leighton Gates - Sound

"Tim is the real deal. Open and honest, full of integrity. Incredibly creative, with a real spirit of excellence. His passion is to craft media that will impact the world for good, in particular to bring people in to a relationship with Christ."

Neil Elliott - Executive Producer

"I first met Tim in 2002 and recognized his thinking ability and competency was ecological, considering the impact of his choices beyond the obvious. I've watched Tim over this period of time demonstrate consistent consideration and integrity in his decisions and relationships with his leaders and peers, and acknowledge his intent and character as dependable and reliable. Unafraid on stepping up to a challenge and maintaining a positive mindset in the middle of difficult situations, his persistence to achieve outcomes without compromising the original intent is noteworthy. Even when limits beyond his control are presented by others in a project, Tim finds a way to align his effort to achieve his original goal and do it with integrity."

Martin Longden - Professional Coach

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