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Entertainment  investment.

Make investing in entertainment possible, viable & lucrative.

Our Mission

  • Direct access to an accredited entertainment fund generating uncapped returns across a slate of projects.

  • Content aimed directly at the whole family market knowing it is the most lucrative market of all. 

  • Third-party oversight to protect and maximize returns.

  • Support initiatives that advocate for the well-being of industry professionals.

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Core Business


Our unique end-to-end business model is entirely focused on the best interests of the investor. That is why we are going to great lengths to ensure full transparency across all business units and ensuring best practice and innovation throughout all disciplines.

Fund Management

Investment inbound, expenditure and sales recoupment. Reporting and profit disbursement.

Our focus is to ensure the best possible outcomes on behalf of our investors. 

Project Development

Script sourcing and assessment. Rights management. Top tier talent relations, legal, PR and sales evaluations.

Production Management

Resourcing and team management. Quality assurance and product delivery.

Sales & Distribution

US and international sales management. Sales evaluations, transactions, reporting and deal transparency.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

Business Meeting

Wondering where all the money went?

Third-party sales agents and studios who hold the keys to the lucrative global entertainment delivery pipeline want to keep you OUT!

As a private equity investor you are totally reliant on the integrity of deals made on your behalf and left vulnerable to double dealing. Having no direct relationship to you or even the production company you thought you were investing in, allows sales agents to falsely report actual sales figures and categorize your upsides as ‘bonuses’ for their bottom line. 

This shake down is as old as the industry itself!

Well-meaning investors like you are left wondering what happened to all the money and skeptical of ever investing in entertainment again!

With decades of experience in the industry, Godwin Pictures is here to protect and maximize your entertainment investment.

Simply reach out through our contact form for more information on how we can give you access to all the uncapped upsides of entertainment investing.

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